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Choosing Tyre Brands

Tyre Medics Guide to Tyre Brands

Are you lost in the maze of Tyre Brands? Wondering which tyre brand is right for you? Well we’re here to help with our comprehensive guide to Tyre Brands. Enjoy!

Falken Tyres
Falken Tyres produce a range of tyres through from performance such as the FK453 through to the more basic range such as the Sincera SN832. Tyre Medics normally have stocks of the full Falken Tyres range.
Falken have a history of motor racing – currently operating a Professional Drift Team in the UK. Importing one of Japan’s best known motor sports, Falken are working to show off their expertise in tyres on the UK Drift circuit!

Continental Tyres
Continental Tyres offers a full range of premium tyres for motorcycles and scooters catering for a variety of speeds, loads and sizes. Continental supply tyres for all motorcycle needs including tyres for sporting as well as long haul journeys. This brand also offers stylish premium passenger car, 4×4, van, truck and bus tyres.
One of Britain’s great adventurers Nick Sanders covered over 55,000 miles through 49 countries in just over 100 days, using Continental Tyres premium tyre range, Contiroad Attack as his preferred tyre.

General Tire
General Tire, part of Continental Tire North America, Inc provide off-road, commercial and high performance tyres for a range of larger-sized vehicles including light trucks, passenger cars, SUV and 4×4.
General Tire products are internationally known for their affordability, strength and most importantly, durability. Their tyres are highly valued amongst the passenger car, commercial vehicle and pickup truck-driving community.

Yokohoma Tyres
Yokohama is manufacturers of high performance, passenger car, 4×4 and race tyres and additionally TSW and MAK alloy wheels. Yokohama is an internationally acclaimed brand, highly successful in the performance car sector in the United Kingdom’s retail trade. The brand is recognised for have premium tyres that promise durability, performance and technical innovation.
Yokohama has been linked to numerous high profile motor sporting events from professional drivers in the FIA World Touring Car Championship to the amateur-level weekend racers and Yokohama has proven that it has tyres for every occasion.

Good Year Tyres
Goodyear has a large variety of tyres for a number of different vehicles including automobiles, trucks, buses and motorcycles Goodyear is currently the world’s largest tyre company, operating in six continents and offers tyres for a variety of affordable prices.
Goodyear focuses on tyres for a range of weather conditions for every season and specifications for off-road or city driving can be met.

Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop is a manufacturer of passenger, sport, performance, truck, SUV as well as motorcycle tyres. Dunlop is acknowledged for their innovation in technology. Using refined tyre technology Dunlop has created Touch Technology, allowing the driver to really feel the road through the tyres ensuring a more pleasurable driving experience.
The company is now well established within the sporting sector of motoring, taking part in the Le Mans Series with the Virgo Motorsport Ferrari 430 GT. The company is therefore predominantly focusing on sports tyres and related products.
Bridgestone Tyres
Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre company and manufactures premium tyres for virtually any motor vehicle but offers a large range of car and 4×4 tyres for sporting, touring, 4×4 and seasonal driving. The retailer also supplies motorcycle tyres for on and off-road driving and promises to provide perfect grip, balance and extended usability.
Bridgestone is also heavily involved in motorsports after its racing debut at the Japanese Gran Prix in 1963. Today, Bridgestone is the exclusive tyre supplier to the FIM MotoGP World Championship.

Firestone Tyres
Firestone supplies affordable tyres for consumer, commercial, agricultural and off road needs and can supply tyres for your car, SUV, truck or 4×4. Firestone is the most successful supplier of agricultural tyres in the United States. Bought by Bridgestone in 1988, Firestone has been recognised for its involvement in Formula One Championship Racing.

Federal Tyres
Federal offer a small range of motorsport, high performance, touring, winter and SUV/light truck tyres supplied from Taiwan, Asia. Federal has focused on creating a tyre that is comfortable, quiet and durable. The company has limited itself to a small number of products and is continuously improving these to meet the highest standard possible.

Avon Tyres
Avon Tyres specialise in four main areas of motoring: car, 4×4, van and motorcycles. Avon Tyres has a range of premium and specialist tyres to suit any driving conditions. Avon Tyres also offers custom made, sporting, and adventure tyres for motorcycles.

Michelin Tyres
Michelin is the world leaders in tyre manufacturing and its logo, the Michelin Man is one of the most recognisable images in the world. Michelin is a globally recognisable tyre manufacturer with a product range of car, van 4×4, truck, motorcycle and scooter tyres.
Michelin is also the number one tyre manufacturer for consumer safety, longevity and fuel saving as declared by consumers.

BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich is a tyre manufacturer supplying tyres for variable weather, temperature and terrain conditions for cars and 4x4s. BF Goodrich is aimed principally at day-to-day drivers and intercity driving. The company expanded its range in 2008 to include a tyre range for commercial vans.

Pirelli Tyres
Pirelli Tyres offer a variety of high performance tyres for cars, light vehicles, motorcycles and buses. Pirelli Tyres focuses mainly on the high-end segments justified by their extensive focus on technology and performance.
Pirelli promises to provide premium attractive and innovative tyres that stand for quality, performance and excellence.

Kuhmo Tyres
Kumho is a small company with performance levels to match that of the more established brands and is considered a major supplier of race and rally tyres. The company also supplies tyres for cars, SUVs and Vans.
Kumho, which means beautiful calm lake, strives to implement environmental, social and economic strategies to enforce the sustainability of their brand and company.

Toyo Tires
Toyo Performance Tyres has created a range of high quality tyres for cars, 4×4, motorsport, vans and trucks in a variety of sizes and specifications.
The company also sponsors the Toyo Tyre Modified Production Saloon Car Championship. The company has also established a simple-to-use tyre size converter for drivers with non-standard sized vehicles. Toyo Performance Tyre provides products for all seasons and sizes.

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