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Taking your Caravan on a long journey? You Need Tyron Bands

Tyron Bands improve the safety of caravans by providing a short term ‘run flat’ system, so if you are getting your caravan ready for a long journey and want to stay safe then give Tyre Medics a call, we can explain how Tyron Bands work and check if they will fit your caravan.

What are Tyron Bands

Wheels have a ‘fitting well’ in them it’s what holds the tyre onto the wheel, but in the event of a puncture or blow out the tyre well will work against the tyre by allowing the tyre to drop inside this well and loose traction. You loose steering as the rim itself will be in contact with the road, not the tyre.

Tyron Bands stop the tyre sitting inside the well, so they greatly improve your grip and control in an emergency situation, they give you a temporary run flat system to help you safety come to a stop in a safe place. By fitting Tyron Bands you are greatly increasing the safety of your vehicle and family.

They’re a British invention originally designed for use by the military, so they’re tough! They are also used by emergency services around the world. They are so good that some insurance companies will offer you a discount, so they can pay for themselves.

Fit them once and they could save your life in the event of a blowout.




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