Look after your tyres and your tyres will look after you!
Tyre safety is so important but yet so often overlooked. Just think that the total surface area of your tyres in contact with the road at any time is not that much larger than the surface of your hand – reason enough to make sure your tyres are in the best condition they can be!

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There are a whole host of safety reasons to ensure you keep your tyres in the best possible condition you can – but they can also save you money if you look after them correctly. Perhaps even choosing the Energy Saver tyres from our friends at Michelin could save you a tank of fuel each year (depending on your mileage!) – at the current fuel prices this is a saving worth bearing in mind when choosing your tyres…

Remember to check your tyres regularly & especially and after long journeys. The things to watch out for are below – along with helpful videos from Continental who are behind the Tyres for Life safety campaign.

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