Your owners manual will show you what the correct tyre pressures should be for your car (and some helpful petrol stations even have tables of the most common types of car brand & the tyre pressures you should be using). These vary by car manufacturer & commonly you will need different pressures on the front and rear of your car. Check them & make sure they are right.

You can get car tyre pressure gauges to check your tyre pressures, some cars have electronic devices that check the pressures for you but there’s no substitute for a trip along to the compressed air pump at your local petrol station to be 100% sure – use a digital one if possible.

Incorrect tyre pressures can be both dangerous & costly. They can increase fuel consumption & tyre wear – meaning your trips to the fuel pump are more frequent and you need to replace your tyres more often. Don’t get us wrong, we love people buying tyres from us but there’s no point in replacing them more frequently than you need.


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